My name is Claudia and I am 16 years old, recently I went on a 4 week exchange to Offenburg, Germany. I flew to Stuttgart Airport on the 20th of November I was very nervous about flying on my own at first but it turned out to be very easy to get through security and find my flight it was actually much more relaxing then flying with my family. Coming up to the exchange i was not nervous until the night before when I became nervous that i was forgetting important things but it all ended up being ok i had everything i needed and was able to buy everything i needed. When I met the family I felt immediately comfortable with them as they were so nice and comforting. They showed me everything. Noemie had two sisters and one brother I got a long really well with all of them as they were so nice to me. On the first Saturday we went ice skating, it was really fun. We got to cycle to everywhere and i was afraid at first because i thought I would be way to slow to keep up but it was all ok, it was actually so fun getting to cycle everywhere instead of driving in the car. I had a green old styled bike that I loved.

In the school for the first week or so I could not understand a word that the teachers said but as the time went on I began to understand more and more in school and what other people were saying, all of the people were so nice to me teachers and students they were all very interested in my hair as they don’t have many red heads in Germany. I thought that there school was so much cooler than ours because if they had a free class they were allowed to leave and go wherever they wanted to I thought this was nice because they got to have their own independence.

As I was there during the lead up to Christmas I got to see all of their traditions which I really enjoyed we went to different cities to see the Christmas markets and they were absolutely amazing they looked so nice. Before going to Germany I was nervous about the food because I am a picky eater. But the food was amazing there were a lot of pasta and soups which I really like i got to try a lot of traditional dishes which were mostly amazing. The only time I felt homesick was the first Sunday when my Mam sent me a video of my video of my dog which made realize I would not see her for a month but afterwards we  decorated loads and loads of cookies and I completely forgot about being homesick, after that night the time really flew after that I am absolutely delighted that I participated in the exchange as it it is a big such a good experience to look back on and to say that you did during transition year it was one of the best experiences of my life.


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