Q: What countries are possible for an exchange: 

Germany France and Spain.


Q: How long is a typical exchange? 

4-6 weeks for most students in TY.  The minimum is 4 weeks for academic exchange and 2 weeks for a summer exchange.


Q: Can two students stay together? 

It is not possible for students to be placed together in the same family as the TY Europe programme is a total immersion programme, and it is unlikely they will be in the same school or town/region.


Q: What students are suitable for a total immersion programme? 

The most suitable students are self-motivated, reasonably good social skills not fussy eaters and can put the mobile away!!


Q: Are the families vetted? 

When the exchange is confirmed vetting is progressed for both families.


Q: What documents are required? 

As well as the completed application forms, a letter is also required from school confirming that there is a place for the exchange student. Valid European Health Card is also required.


Q: How do we proceed? 

Please text Jane directly 0876576427 or through the website for application forms.


Q: What is the cost for an exchange? 

For an exchange up to 6 weeks the cost is €500 plus flights, pocket money and travel insurance.


Q: Is it better to go 1st or 2nd? 

There are advantages and disadvantages to both, most Irish students prefer to go 2nd.


Q: Are all families interviewed in person?

If Irish families live in Munster then it is expected that they attend for an interview in Limerick. Families in Spain France and Germany are interviewed in person if they live in the same region as the coordinator otherwise application is over the phone, which is the same arrangement as in Ireland.


Q: Do TY Europe visit family homes? 

No home visits are made either in Ireland or Spain France Germany unless families live in the same region and by request.


Q: Can students make connecting flights? 

Only direct flights are allowed unless parents travel with student. All students travelling alone are collected from airport arrivals by exchange family and returned to airport departures by exchange family.


Q13: When can we book flights?  Before any flights are booked the exchange family must confirm date, time and airport suit their family arrangements.  Should a student need to return home early adequate notice must be given to exchange family so arrangements can be made to allow for work commitments to take student back to airport.


Q14: Can I speak with other parents about their experience?  Yes

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