I decided that I would like to go to France for an exchange to improve my French and to experience French culture. I choose to do transition year so I was able to go on an exchange for two months to the north of France. Let me tell how scared I was when it finally hit me that I would be leaving my family and friends for two whole months! I was going to be gone for the months of March and April. My parents flew out with for the weekend and met my exchange’s family, which I think work out very well. When I first came to France I really didn’t know what to expect but I found my first week really enjoyable. My exchange Sophie was on her winter holidays so we had a week together before school started and that suited me perfectly. I was very apprehensive to start school so I was glad of the week’s holidays. When school started I became very homesick and wanted to go home desperately. In the beginning I found school extremely difficult and I also found the days very long, as we had to get up every morning at six am. In France school starts at eight o’clock and ends at half five, so this was another big adjustment for me. Most of the schools in France are mixed and the students wear their own clothes. The classes are an hour long compared to our forty minutes here in Ireland. One thing that I loved about my experience in France was the French food! Every day at around four o’clock we would have a gôuter- which is an afternoon snack and literally translates to taste. This would consist of a hot drink- hot hocolate/tea/coffee , bread or biscuits. Bread is very important to the French so it is eaten at every meal. Although my exchange and I are very different, I think that my exchange to France was very successful and by the end of it I was sad to leave as I had made so many new friends and my French was progressing well. I would love to go back to France next year.

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