This summer I used TY Europe to travel to Berlin and stay with a family for one month. In that month I explored the city, visiting many museums and historic sites. I also went with the family on a trip to the north of Germany, next to the Baltic Sea.

These experiences, coupled with a family that spoke no English, combined to create a superb month where I had loads of fun and also learned a lot. Both in the build up to the trip and during it my family and I were constantly impressed by the efficiency and quality of the service that TY Europe provided.

The family that were chosen for me were an excellent fit, so I never felt out of place or awkward in their home. I would strongly recommend travelling with TY Europe to anyone who wants to have an amazing time experiencing another language and culture.

John Berlin 2020

John Berlin 2020 1

John Berlin 2020 2

John Berlin 2020 3

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