What We Do

TY Europe facilitates two way exchanges/home-stays for Irish teenagers (usually in Transition Year) and French/Spanish/German teenagers of a similar age for 1 to 6 months. Prior to, during and following the exchange TY Europe Directors are contactable at all times for information and advice.

How Does it Work?

If you are interested in a TY Europe Exchange, the following must be completed before we can find you an exchange family.

  1. Each family/student taking part in an exchange must complete a comprehensive application form prior to the family/student interview.
  2. School reports and a student reference from the school must be provided.
  3. 2 confidential family references will be required.
  4. A family/student interview (all members of the family living at home must attend).
  5. Each student/family interested in taking part in a TY Europe Exchange must attend an information meeting. 
  6. Finally a Home Visit from a TY Europe representative.

Following completion of the application process TY Europe will match Irish Students/Families with French, Spanish, German Students/Families.

The two families will communicate by email and make arrangements as to when the exchange will take place to suit both families.

Prior to the students arriving/departing TY Europe will email them and their family an information pack and while the students are away from home TY Europe will be in weekly contact with both families and the students. TY Europe will provide a student report for their family at the end of their exchange.


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