About Us:

Jane O’Regan worked as a nurse in the UK before returning to Ireland with her husband Con and their four children in 1994 where the family now live in Co Limerick.   Following a successful student exchange in 2007 the French Director of the company which organized the exchange asked Jane to become the Irish Director of a new Language Exchange Company “which facilitated Transition Year Exchanges between Ireland and France. This Company grew steadily and now Jane is now pleased to continue her work with “TY Europe” which facilitates exchanges/homestays between Irish, French, German, Spanish teenagers.


Jane O'ReganJane O'Regan   Con O'ReganCon O'Regan

Esther Garcia lives in Galapager, just outside Madrid, she started working as an Agent for TY Europe in September 2011.  Esther has been teaching English for more than 20 years and she also manages a Hotel in San Lorenzo de El Escorial.  Esther has 4 children, 2 boys are grown up and living in London and Amsterdam and the two younger children are still at home.

Esther Garcia

Margit Steiner is German and she has lived in France, near Bordeaux, since 1994. She has 3 children aged 20, 18 and 11 years old She speaks German French, English and Spanish. She has her own company www.ask-and-smile.com and has been working  full time with TY Europe for 6 years organizing exchanges and home-stays between Ireland, France, Germany and Spain."  Margit.steiner@sfr.fr

Margit SteinerMargit Steiner

Claudia Rosenbaum-Clegg is German and lives in Cologne, she is a translator and has 2 boys.  For nearly 20 years Claudia worked for a tour operator.  Her hobbies are travelling, photography, hospice work and painting.  cl.rosenbaum@gmx.de




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